Mom Guilt: Let’s Fight it Together.

From the moment we know there is a baby on board, moms start planning for the arrival. We want everything to be perfect from the very beginning.  We start creating our own strict rules: Don’t miss any doctor’s appointments, don’t forget to take our prenatal vitamins, don’t eat any unhealthy foods, listen to classical music... Continue Reading →

How I kept busy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage in women's lives, but this could bring moments of anxiety, and it is understandable to feel this way. Your body is changing, as well as your mind. Moms can't wait to meet their babies, hold them in their arms, and have them forever. Regularly moms need to wait nine months... Continue Reading →

Pregnant me? Impossible

  I clearly remember when I found out I was pregnant. I went to my family doctor for a general check-up. When results came back, he realized I didn't have Hepatitis B vaccination. The doctor explained to me what Hepatitis B is and why I should get the protection. The doctor said the injection is expensive, and... Continue Reading →

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