The Benefits I Found of Cosleeping

Cosleeping is a very arguable topic where many people have different perspectives regarding whether to sleep or not with babies. 

Many people warned me about sharing the bed with my baby, they said:

  • “Your baby will get used to it to sleep with you.”
  • “Once you put the baby to sleep with you, he will never go out of bed.”

Despite everyone’s opinions, today I would like to talk about the benefits I found in cosleeping with my baby. 

I Felt Less Worry

As a new mom, the first few days after my son was born were chaotic. I was full of fears; I remember waking up many times at night, even when my baby was not awake to check if he was breathing. Once my son began to sleep with me, I felt more carefree or perhaps calmer, knowing that he was by my side and observing him more frequently.

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Better Sleep

Before bringing my son to my bed, my nights were nightmares. The fact of having to get out of bed to take the baby in my arms and breastfeed him was something that, although I did it with a lot of love, made me feel extremely tired not to mention, I had a c-section, and I had to make a double effort to get out of bed. When my son started sleeping with me, I was able to breastfeed while I resting, and I noticed an incredible improvement in my sleep pattern.

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I Became Happier

Sharing a bed with my son has made me feel happier. Being able to hear his breathing, being able to observe him while he sleeps is priceless. Sleeping with my son has allowed us to establish a special connection. My heart is calm, knowing that the person I love the most in this world is by my side.

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I know many moms would like to know the benefits of cosleeping with their babies. The video bellow is from Baby Care, where James McKenna talks about the importance of cosleeping base on research.

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