How I kept busy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage in women’s lives, but this could bring moments of anxiety, and it is understandable to feel this way. Your body is changing, as well as your mind. Moms can’t wait to meet their babies, hold them in their arms, and have them forever. Regularly moms need to wait nine months to see their babies; it is at this moment where mamas need to keep busy to maintain their sanity.

These are some ways how I kept busy during pregnancy.

I kept moving

I was already doing exercise when I found out I was pregnant. I kept going to the gym during my pregnancy; then, the last trimester, I decided to lower the intensity. I walked as much as I could for the rest of the time. Being active during pregnancy kept me occupied and relaxed.

3D ultrasound with my friends

Right at my 16 weeks, I scheduled a 3D ultrasound to know the gender of the baby. I invited my friends, so they could see is the baby was a boy or a girl, and later they would help me to organize the gender reveal party.


I had two maternity photoshoots; the first one was at 16 weeks, and the second one was after the 30 weeks. I focused on collecting moments; I am not always pregnant, it was nice to take pictures of every stage of my pregnancy.

I planned the gender reveal and baby shower

I know many girls wait for their friends to plan the party for them, but this was not my case. I am the kind of person that likes to be in control of everything, so I planned my gender reveal party and the baby shower to maintain my mind busy. Planning a party is not an easy task. There are too many details to take into consideration.

I had my belly painted

I went to a makeup artist to let her be creative with my bump. The artist was very professional and patient; she transformed my stomach into a beautiful elephant. Belly paint was another way to keep my pregnancy memorable.

I found a YouTube video with some tips to keep yourself happy during pregnancy. Enjoy!!!

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