Things I wish someone had told me before becoming a mom

Are you prepared to become a mother? Becoming a mom is a unique experience. Since the moment we have known we have someone growing inside of us, a mix of feelings invade our hearts. The arrival of a baby is exceptional, and moms want to be ready for the big moment. We want to give our child the best of us; however, nobody has the magic book to get you prepared for receiving a baby.

I read books, spent hours on YouTube, watching videos about maternity, asked many questions to Google, listened to advice from my mom and friends. I was trying to get all the knowledge I could before my delivery. Once I became a mom, I thought I knew everything, and felt disappointed when I realized I didn’t know anything about being a mom.

Here you will find six things I wish someone had told me before becoming a mom.  

Don’t expect it to be as you planned

I had planned a natural birth, and I read all the benefit it means for the baby and the mother, and how faster is the recovery. I was in the hospital bed with painful labor contractions, when the doctor said I must go for a C-section because the baby was stressed. I never read anything about C-section because it was not in my plan. The C-section was painful, and the recovery was slow. I was not allowed to lift anything heavier than my baby.

Being a mom is a hard work

I imagined my maternity as a fairy tale. I visualized myself rocking in a chair with the baby in my arms; maybe occasionally, breastfeeding or two or three diaper changes a day. But suddenly I woke up; I didn’t know the amount of work being a mom meant. Changing diaper around seven times a day, breastfeeding, burping, breast pumping after the baby was fed, doing laundry, bathing the baby. I had to do all this task without forgetting about myself. However, with the time you learn how to manage everything, now I can multitask pretty well. Now I feel very productive.

Sleep deprivation

I thought sleep deprivation would only last the first few months. My son is already 20 months old, and I haven’t slept through the night since he was born. The sleep deprivation is real. In the beginning, I used to count how many times the baby woke up during the night. I decided to take the baby to my bed, and every time he woke up, I breastfed him laid in the bed. My son never liked the crib; I still share the bed with him.

Postpartum depression

An important topic every pregnant woman should talk about is postpartum depression. I remember every visit I had to my doctor I saw a sign warning about postpartum depression. I thought that was something that wouldn’t happen to me. Guess what? I was wrong; I got baby blues, and it feels horrible. I remember feeling very lonely; I cried for no reason. When people asked what was wrong, I couldn’t even answer. The baby’s arrival was supposed to be the best moment in my life, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected.

Do not get me wrong; I loved my baby since I knew he was inside of me; however, something was making me feel sad for no reason. It is essential always to have someone to talk about your problems and try to look for professional help.

Parenting Advice

The moment everyone knew I was pregnant, people bombarded me with unwanted parenting advice, but it got worse once the baby arrived. Everyone will give their opinion even though they have Zero experience of being a mother. I was already dealing with many things in my new life, and I was overwhelmed to be dealing with people’s advice. I listened to everyone, and I considered only things I thought it was convenient for my baby and me. I forgot about the rest.

The word “love” has a different meaning

Word “love” changed its meaning when I met my son. I wish I could explain the feelings I have for my son; however, there are no words that could describe this feeling. I have never in my life had a powerful emotion like this one.

Believe in your mom’s instinct, motherhood will flow naturally.

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