Pregnant me? Impossible


I clearly remember when I found out I was pregnant. I went to my family doctor for a general check-up. When results came back, he realized I didn’t have Hepatitis B vaccination. The doctor explained to me what Hepatitis B is and why I should get the protection. The doctor said the injection is expensive, and my insurance didn’t cover it. 

The doctor talked to me about a new Hepatitis B vaccine that already exists in the United States. He explained a research company was trying to introduce the vaccine in Canada, and there were conducting research first. 

The doctor asked me if I wanted to participate in the research, and I responded: I’m in!        

I went to my first meeting in the research office, and the first thing a doctor’s assistant asked was if I was pregnant. Immediately I said no. I was entirely sure I was not pregnant. In the meeting, a nurse insisted that during the research, I could not get pregnant. 

I had a partner for a few years, and I hadn’t used any pills or a sophisticated method to prevent pregnancy. I thought I had a problem conceiving. That was the reason why I didn’t even worry about not getting pregnant. I was sure I would not quickly get pregnant.

The research about the vaccine was supposed to last around a year. I left the first meeting I attended very happy; I was about to get my Hepatitis B vaccine and get paid for that. Yes, they were paying to participate in the research.

I had another meeting two weeks after the first meeting; I did a urine and blood test to make sure my health was as they expected. Everything was excellent, and I got the first shot of the vaccination. I went home happy again; that day, they pay even more than the first meeting. 

A few weeks after, they called me to do some tests to confirm the hepatitis B immunization was already in my body. I went to the research office, and they did a urine test and a blood test for me. I waited for about 20 minutes before the doctor’s assistant came back with the result. Finally, she came back. I clearly remember her face and her voice. 

The doctor’s assistant said: Cindy, I have done the urine test three times, and they show you are pregnant.

Me: Pregnant me? Impossible!

The doctor’s assistant said: you want me to do it again?

Me: yes, please.

The doctor’s assistant said: sure, I’ll do it again and I’ll call the doctor so that he can talk to you.

She left, and I was alone in a small cabin. I was thinking about the possibility of being pregnant. I didn’t know if I feel happy or worried; I had many thoughts in my head at that moment. I was overwhelmed by this news. The doctor’s assistant came back saying the result is still the same (obviously), and the doctor will be here shortly. She sat by my side; she showed me so much empathy. She didn’t stop patting my back and saying everything will be fine. I understand what you are going through. I only was thinking about how I could give this news to my parents. I’ll leave the reaction of my parents for another post.

After a few minutes, the doctor came and said: Cindy, you are pregnant; would you like to have the baby?. 

I was petrified with the news of being pregnant, but I remember I said yes, I would have this baby. I thought at that moment, cack home abortion is illegal, and you do no get to chose if having or not the baby.

Every mom finds out they are pregnant in many different ways, like Shruthi. I enjoyed her story.

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